Fitness Nutrition Massage

A professional, compassionate and personalised approach to nutrition, movement and lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Holly.

My focus is women’s health; empowering women on a quest to live a healthier life through movement, nutrition and lifestyle.

With over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry qualified through YMCAfit, British Weightlifting and VTCT, I’ve made it my career and passion for helping women live the life they want through nutrition, lifestyle and movement.


Working with a Nutritionist is much more than macro counting, transformations and diet plans. The aim is to get you to your goal in the best way we can, whilst developing healthy lifelong habits.

Personal Training

The goal for me is to empower my clients to be able to confidently step into any gym knowing they have a good understanding of how to move well through a training session.


Ease away PMS or menopausal symptoms, aches and pains, reduce stress, increase relaxation and improve circulation.

Choose the massage pressure which suits your needs.

I am currently accepting clients for 2023. If you would like to work on your health and wellness through a solid foundation of nutrition and sustainable exercise please get in touch.

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