Your Nutrition Journey

A Nutritionist can offer more than just counting macros, creating transformations, and meal plans. The goal is to assist you in achieving your goal while establishing healthy habits that last a lifetime. Social media can be misleading when it comes to nutrition, causing confusion. Let’s eliminate confusion and find solutions together. Adopting an evidence-based approach can prevent you from following fad diets that leave you unsure of what to do next. As a certified and insured Nutritionist, I can personalize a plan that fits your lifestyle, whether face-to-face or online.

I offer 12-week habit-building programs but also provide one-time consultations, follow-ups, and group coaching.

Initial Consultation + Nutrition Guide

Up to 90 mins


In the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your nutrition and lifestyle history, health issues, and goals. We’ll also analyze your food diary and establish any necessary blood work. You’ll receive an appointment overview and a personalized nutrition and lifestyle guide with recipes and educational information within a few days.

Follow Up Consultation

40 mins


Follow-up evaluations, which include progress assessment, recipe ideas, blood results discussion (if available), and advice on next steps, are scheduled up to four weeks after the initial consultation based on individual needs. The number of required follow-ups will be determined by progress, needs, and preferences, discussed during the initial consultation.

12 Weeks of Online Nutrition Coaching


We’ll begin with a 90-minute consultation to discuss your current lifestyle and nutrition status and your goals. Together, we’ll decide on a personalized approach that works best for you, accessible through the Nudge app. We’ll have weekly 15-minute check-ins to gradually improve the process and make any necessary adjustments.

8 Weeks Small Group Nutrition Coaching

£75 per person

Maximum 4 people

This 8-week online course focuses on nutrition knowledge, healthy habits, and food environment. Each week covers one specific area with weekly tasks and recipes. You’ll receive support and accountability from me and a small group. The course helps you develop the knowledge to make the right choices for your goals, whether it’s weight loss, better health, or improved performance. The goal is to develop good daily habits and strive for 1% progress every day, not perfection.

The next 8-week course starts on

6th March 2023


I sought Holly’s help after being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in April 2022. I had developed a bad relationship with food and was eating recklessly with no thought for what nutrients my body needed. I was weak in the gym and generally feeling pretty awful. Over the course of 3 months, Holly has totally re-educated me on nutrition and the improvements I’ve seen have been immense. No question has been too silly and Holly has always been on hand with advice whenever I’ve needed it alongside lots of great weekly recipes tailored to a vegetarian and tips on sleeping etc. After a lot of persistence and accountability, I’m now smashing Personal Bests’s in the gym and feeling back to my old self again. I have no doubt that Holly’s help got me back on track and I shall miss the weekly check-ins and Holly’s smiley face.

— Joanne,  health and nutrition client.

I can’t thank Holly enough for helping me with my weight loss battle.

Tried many different things before, but nothing seemed to have a lasting effect.

Being a Night Shift worker is messing about with the habits as well, but Holly quickly identified the issue, gave me great tips and within less than a year I went from 73kg to desired 55kg.

I highly recommend Holly not only as a nutritionist but as a personal trainer as well!

— Evelina, nutrition and PT client

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